Mary (spreadingword) wrote,

The semi-quiet in Iran bothers me. These rumors and news of protests being canceled and Mousavi backing down are really troublesome...

And idk, I'm sorry MJ died and all but I got really agitated. The news on the TV hasn't been having the best Iran coverage, so it wasn't just that. It was the fact that people were crashing the ONLY WAY for some people to communicate to the outside world. And they didn't give a fuck about it.

Plus I'm sorry but a pop star dying on one side of the world does not equal 100+ being killed during a revolution on the other. They're completely different and trying to rank them is insulting. They are not "practically of the same importance."

I'll just smack a bitch.

Also this that Misti posted just made me want to scream lmao...
Tags: iran, news fail, politics, you're doing it wrong
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